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Once you have a lot of work completed, it becomes a challenge to organize the data and keep track of the work. I have some tips that help me greatly. 

1. Number each work as completed. I started with a year and number system, eg. 201601, 02, etc. This worked until I did more than 100 works one year and I didn't like all the digits. So, I started a separate number sequence, starting at 500, and just number each work consecutively, like a check book. I just put the next number of the sequence on the back of the work with a pen or marker, and it's done. 


2. Use a notebook to log the the numbers. I have an ordinary notebook and each year start a new page as needed. I just list the number of the work each year, number 1 through whatever I need that year, then the title, size, and my serial numbers, first the year coded one, and then just the sequential one, continued from the prior year. I'm on 2094 right now as jumped from 1199 to 2000 when I moved to Hawaii, just to have the new work with a new number sequence. 


3. Have a data base if needed. I'm familiar with MS Access so built a small database, entering the data above, and also additional information for venues of work at shows, sold work, etc. You can do this on an Excel spreadsheet pretty easily too. If you have either of these products, I'm happy to help build something to get you started. You could just as easily have this info in your notebook by leaving space and writing in pencil so corrections can be done. The keys are above, numbering and logging all your work to keep track of it.  


Even with just  the notebook and numbering system,  you can quickly look at the work, find the number, and look it up in your notebook as it's sequential.     

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