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 TIP 1 - Storing painted panels 

I do a lot of my paintings on panels that are easy to carry for outdoor painting. I have 3 small paintboxes I've built to hold 5x7. 6x8, and my favorite, 8x10 inch panels. Yet in this warm climate, even using water soluble oils, I find these tend to take a while to dry completely so I can't stack them either upright nor one on top of the other. While hunting around in the local home improvement store, I came up with a great solution - wire kitchen shelves. Here is a photo of the shelving, although I had already cut the sections apart with my trusty hacksaw, in only a few minutes. (There are 4 shelves to a purchased shelf.)

















These shelves have 30 slots per shelf so can store a lot of work yet hold the panels apart enough to dry well and not stick together. I'm using one shelf top on my other metal storage shelf and hung two other pieces on a wall of my studio. I can readily thus store any of my panel sizes, up to 90 panels right now. Still figuring out a good location for the 4th shelf of this set. Whole thing cost $24 so much better and cheaper than the alternatives I had in mind.






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